Apparently illegal street vendors are such a huge issue in San Bernardino that the city’s police department needs to brag on Twitter when it goes after guys selling fresh fruit and flowers:

San Bernardino, which famously declared bankruptcy in 2012, is still struggling to recover. The city’s violent crime rate is more than double the U.S. average and poverty is huge problem. Here’s a report on how bad things are in San Bernardino from a few weeks ago in the Los Angeles Times:

The children here pay no attention to the meth merchants on the sidewalks. To the emaciated woman who furiously paces the upper deck, naked. To the men in nice cars who drive slowly through their makeshift play area scanning the doorways for prostitutes.

And they arrested the guy selling fruit?

As you might imagine, the SBPD isn’t winning many fans over these tweets. Some examples:

And we’ll end it with this: