The Washington Post has a new piece up tonight going after GOP presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham and accusing him of receiving “special treatment” while serving in the Air Force reserve. Special treatment that allegedly resulted in promotions Graham didn’t earn:

And treatment that credited Graham for a job — again allegedly — he never performed:

An excerpt:

Of all the candidates vying to become the nation’s next commander in chief, none has spent as much time in the military as Sen. Lindsey O. Graham. The South Carolina Republican retired from the Air Force this summer after a 33-year career, including two decades as a reservist while serving in Congress.

Graham is running as a ­national-security hawk, calling himself a “battle-tested leader” with “a lifetime of military service.” Images of him wearing camouflage in the field are a common thread in his campaign.

But a detailed examination of Graham’s military record — much of it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act — shows that the Air Force afforded him special treatment as a lawmaker, granting him the privileges of rank with few expectations in return.

During his first decade in Congress, the Air Force promoted Graham twice even though documents in his military personnel file reveal that he did little or no work. Later, the Pentagon gave the military lawyer a job assignment in the Air Reserve that he highlighted in his biography for several years but never performed.



Sen. Graham is currently in last place at 0.5% among all of the GOP presidential candidates in the Real Clear Politics average of national polls:


It’s an interesting story that merits follow-up, but we’re not sure how much it matters with regard to the 2016 election.