Jimmy Kimmel is trending this morning over his emotional and angry monologue last night where he lamented the killing of the Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe and trashed Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer for his role in the death, calling him “the most hated man in America who never advertised JELL-O pudding on television.”


Here’s the video:

We do wish Jimmy Kimmel would have this anger and emotion while talking about other issues in Africa, however. For example…

Tweets from Jimmy Kimmel on Boko Haram? Zero.

Tweets from Jimmy Kimmel on Sudan? Zero.

Tweets from Jimmy Kimmel on Ebola? Zero.

Heck, there’s not even a single tweet from Jimmy Kimmel on Africa.

Also absent from his monologue was any mention that Zimbabwe is run by a maniac accused of genocide who ate a baby elephant at his 91st birthday party:

And Think Progress’ Judd Legum has some other issues with Kimmel, questioning why he thinks some hunting is OK but just not for lions:

Maybe because Jimmy Kimmel really hasn’t thought this through? Just a hunch.



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