As we reported earlier, President Obama is heading to Kenya this week to attend a summit on global entrepreneurship, but after details of his visit leaked in the media, there are some new concerns over a terrorist attack occurring during the visit.

CNN reported last night:

CNN’s labeling of Kenya a “terror hotbed,” however, has many Kenyans furious and they’ve taken to Twitter with the hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN to vent their frustration:

It seems CNN is listening. There’s an editor’s note on the article we linked to above stating that “the headline and lead of this article has been recast to indicate the terror threat is a regional one.”


But why the editor’s note? Kenya is a terror hotbed, as we’ve reported:

Flashback: Somali-based terrorists killed closed to 200 in an attack at Kenya’s Garissa University in April:

‘There are many dead bodies’: Al-Shabaab terrorists target Christians at #Garissa University, Kenya; Attack ongoing; Update: Death toll now at 70; Siege over, 147 now reported dead

The alleged “mastermind” of that attack was killed just last week by a U.S. drone strike in Somalia:

And Kenya has troops fighting Al Shabab:

If Kenya or the region isn’t a “terror hotbed,” what exactly are those troops doing?



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