Former Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark told MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts that one way to fight lone-wolf style terror attacks inside the U.S. is to take “disloyal” or “radicalized” Americans like accused Chattanooga killer Mohammad Abdulazeez and put them in “camps” for “the duration of the conflict.” Transcript via The Intercept:

“if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States, we didn’t say that was freedom of speech, we put him in a camp, they were prisoners of war.”


“If these people are radicalized and they don’t support the United States and they are disloyal to the United States as a matter of principle, fine. It’s their right and it’s our right and obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.”

Video here:

Clark is pushing back on the story, claiming he never said “internment” camp. He’s right about that, but maybe he can explain what sort of camp he meant:

And we’ll need Clark to explain why he was for closing down Guantanamo before the end of the conflict only to replace it with a camp for Americans:

Or maybe he wants to empty Gitmo of terrorists so it’s free to house his “disloyal” Americans?