Did Michelle Obama become an admiral when we weren’t looking? Because these new U.S. Navy food guidelines certainly sound like something she’d come up with:

From the Navy Times:

Fried food is out and nutritional nagging is in as part of the big changes coming to your chow hall.

Menus will not see significant changes — not yet, at least. But you can say goodbye to the fried foods you have come to know and love; breaded chicken, French fries, and the like will be baked in state-of-the-art ovens rather than deep fried. Whole milk will be replaced by skim and soy; fruits and vegetables will be on prominent display. The fast line will remain, but its offerings will be cut back.

And this is just the beginning.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced a host of sweeping changes in May that will affect everything from promotions and training to uniforms and fitness. As part of that, he has set his sights on a well-balanced diet, which he calls “the foundation of a healthy lifestyle” that will provide capable warfighters and lower medical costs.

So far the reaction on Twitter has not been positive:

We get why’d the U.S. military would push healthier foods on its personnel, but is an outright ban necessary? Sheesh.