Libs are furious with Atlantic senior editor David Frum tonight over a series of tweets he wrote on steroid use and 2015 Wimbledon champion Serena Williams.

The outrage began on Saturday when Frum linked to a New York Times piece on female tennis players and “body issues” where he added a line about steroids:

Many thought he was accusing Serena Williams of steroid use:

And then on Sunday, Frum added more fuel to the fire when he accidentally tweeted what were supposed to be DMs, again on Serena Williams and steroid use:

Screenshots of the deleted tweets here:

And although he deleted the tweets, he isn’t backing down:

He even accepted an invitation to appear on Roland Martin’s radio show to discuss what he meant:

Records from the International Tennis Federation indicate that Serena Williams was tested at least 11 times in 2014.





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