A busy weekend for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

First up, a visit to a huge fundraiser on Martha’s Vineyard where the uber wealthy, “prominent business lobbyists” and Democratic party “fund-raisers” plopped down a minimum donation of $37,000 to enrich the coffers of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:

But here’s where it gets funnier…

Sanders never left the wealthy island and did an interview for “Face the Nation” this morning where he declared “money can’t be the God of life” and that “all of the new wealth in this world is going to people on the top.”

He said this. On Martha’s Vineyard. Where, you know, people “on the top” like those who summer on Martha’s Vineyard and write $37,000 checks for fun. What a hypocrite!


Editor’s note: A typo was corrected in the carousel headline.