Raven-Symoné of ABC’s “The View” let loose a couple of craaaaazy theories on Thursday’s program to explain Donald Trump as well as the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco.

First up, on Trump. From The Wrap:

“Nobody is talking about the real issues because [Trump] is sucking up the air for everyone. He knows how to manipulate the industry,” Raven-Symoné offered.

“And I’m that person who thinks that he was put there by maybe Republicans or Democrats as a mole to just get people’s opinions and stir stuff up, so that we don’t talk about the real issues.”

It’s a conspiracy, folks! They put Trump in charge, just don’t ask her who the they is because it could be anyone.

But then she really goes off the rails, finding it “interesting” that the illegal immigrant accused of killing Steinle just “randomly” found the gun he used in the murder:

Raven-Symoné continued along her conspiratorial bent during a discussion of Francisco Sanchez, an illegal immigrant and five-time deportee who’s accused of fatally shooting a woman in San Francisco with a gun reportedly belonging to a federal agent.

“During the passionate back-and-forth, Raven-Symoné declared that she found it “interesting that this happened as soon as Trump started to talk about this; he randomly found a gun from a federal agent.”

Did she just insinuate that the people who put Trump in charge are responsible for Steinle’s murder so the country would talk about illegal immigration?

ABC needs to get an answer on this, and pronto.