The New York Times sent a reporter to Cuba to interview everyday Cubans on what they think of GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio, and surprise, surprise … those who would dare speak to the Times were not big fans:

So the supporters of a communist dictator in Cuba don’t like Marco Rubio and to the New York Times, this is a bad thing? LOL. This is almost as good for Rubio as the NYT’s driving and boat scoops:

These Cubans are pretty high on Hillary Clinton, however:

“If Marco Rubio becomes president, we’re done for,” said Héctor Montiel, 66, offering a vigorous thumbs-down as he sat on the Havana street where Mr. Rubio’s father grew up. “He’s against Cuba in every possible way. Hillary Clinton understands much more the case of Cuba. Rubio and these Republicans, they are still stuck in 1959.”

Even worse news for the GOP. Cubans interviewed by the New York Times have “never heard” of Ted Cruz and aren’t sure which Bush is running:

How can the GOP recover?



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