Hillary Clinton’s campaign is firing back at the coverage of her staffers using a rope to keep reporters covering the candidate in line while Hillary marched in an Independence Day parade in Gorham, NH yesterday.

You see, it was for their own good and the GOP is at fault for wanting to “spin” this into something it’s not!

GOP story? Ha! It was members of the MSM who posted the pics in the first place:

More from CNN’s Dan Merica who writes the Secret Service was on board with the rope idea, too:

Clinton’s Secret Service detail also urged journalists to abide by the mobile rope line.

“You are not going fast enough,” one agent said when the rope tightened around a reporter’s waist.

And Mark Knoller reminds us that Hillary’s fondness for the rope was pioneered by her husband during his presidency:

The real question, however, is if the MSM will allow this to continue (we know the answer):

Yeah, like that would happen.


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