Is there anything better than liberal Twitter attacking liberal Twitter?

Answer: HECK NO!

Here’s the latest in blue-on-blue antics where #BlackLivesMatter protesters are outraged at Mother Jones for writing that the black community has failed to embrace the gay rights movement in the wake of last weeks SCOTUS decision legalizing gay marriage:

We noticed the same thing:

Does the #BlackLivesMatter movement have a problem with today’s focus on gay marriage? Sure looks like it!

But Mother Jones is liberal and for them to write such a hard truth, well … that just doesn’t fly:

Keep in mind, what Mother Jones is writing is nothing new. #BlackLivesMatter protester DeRay Mckesson has written about the homophobic attacks he’s had to endure from inside the movement many times before:

Others want to know when Mother Jones will write about racism in the gay rights community, basically ignoring any anti-gay voices in their own movement:

Doesn’t this outrage at the gay rights movement kinda prove Mother Jones’ point? Answer: Yes.



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