Correct The Record, an independent “strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend Hillary Clinton from baseless attacks,” has been going after Republican candidates and their use of personal email accounts.

But if you read what they’re writing, it’s pretty much an indictment of their preferred candidate.

Some examples. Chris Christie:

Well if a governor did this and it’s bad, what about a Secretary of State?

Or this one attacking Jeb Bush:

Oh puh-leeze! Hillary “wanted” her emails published — except for all the ones she deleted!

And as we reported yesterday:

They attacked Gov. Mike Huckabee, too:

So she “asked” herself to publish the emails and she said no, to herself?

Gov. Scott Walker is a target as well:

Mitt Romney, too:

Yes. What were all these Republicans — AND HILLARY — hiding in those deleted emails?

And it’s like a full-court press on emails over the past 24 hours:

What is she hiding?


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