Time for the NYPD to work on their 40 times? Could be.

Meet Tareek Arnold, a 23-year-old Harlem man arrested for attempted murder, who escaped from custody Tuesday night after shoving an NYPD officer and fleeing the scene on foot in handcuffs:

And if you ask yourself how does a man with his hands cuffed behind his back outrun two NYPD officers, here’s your answer. Very, very easily:

A neighbor described Arnold, who is the member of a notorious NYC gang, as a “good kid” and the man he attempted to kill had killed another man, so that makes it OK:

A woman who lives with Arnold told WCBS 2, “He’s not a bad person at all, he just lives in a bad neighborhood. He’s a good kid.” But when the reporter pointed out that Arnold, who is allegedly part of the 40 Wolves gang, was accused of trying to kill another man, the woman said, “A man that killed a man.”

Arnold is still on the loose: