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Uber has updated its firearms policy and now prohibits all guns in their cars, whether they’re carried by the driver or passenger:

Big mistake is right. More from The Hill:

Ride-hailing company Uber has changed its policy to prohibit drivers and passengers from carrying guns in cars for trips arranged using its digital service.
Uber’s updated legal page on its website includes a policy prohibiting “firearms of any kind in a vehicle” operated by an Uber driver, with violators potentially losing access to the app.
“We have adopted a no-firearms policy to ensure that both riders and drivers feel safe and comfortable on the platform,” Uber’s Matt McKenna said in a statement to the New Republic, which first reported the change in policy.

So, how much business will they lose now? Conservative aren’t happy with the change:

There are other options to Uber, though. How about Lyft?

Nope. They ban guns, too:

But how would they know if a passenger had a gun in the first place?