And #HandsUpDontBite is born:

Or course, here are the relevant parts of the story not excerpted by DeRay. Ragin was in a stolen car and ran from the police when caught:

Back on Christmas Day 2013, Hialeah police pulled over a car that had been reported stolen. Four young men inside bailed out and began running. Ragin, then 14 years old, says he was only a passenger.

According to the suit, Hialeah Lt. Margaret Daniels saw Ragin hide in an unlocked shed. Officer Earles Gonzalez opened the door and ordered Diesel to attack even though “Ragin was a juvenile and standing with his hands up in the air,” the federal lawsuit alleges.

And he admitted it:

Ragin was charged with grand-theft auto, resisting with violence and unoccupied burglary. According to his lawyer, the charges were dropped after he completed a program for first-time juvenile offenders.

So this teen gets off easy and now he gets to sue, too?