Cops in Greenwood Village, Colorado are taking heat on Twitter over the way they apprehended a reported “shoplifter” who had barricaded himself inside a local home. Basically, the house was trashed:

The homeowner even went as far as to call the cops “paramilitary thugs”:

But is this really what happened? Answer: NOPE.

The “shoplifting” suspect, Robert Seacat, was armed and had been shooting at the police earlier in the pursuit. From Fox 31 Denver:

Greenwood Village police stressed Monday night that the tactics used on the suspect and the home he was holed up in was not because of simple shoplifting. They say this suspect tried to murder several police officers and the goal in this situation was to get everyone out alive.

Damage to property was their last concern.

In the video above you can see the huge police and swat team presence that night. This — police say — after the suspect tried to run over one police officer in the parking lot of a nearby Wal-Mart.

They say he then fired at officers while attempting to steal a car in the garage of the home he broke into.

Police say for more than six hours — they tried to negotiate with Seacat to surrender. When that failed, they opened up the front window — throwing gas in the home.

A team was then sent in — and police say Seacat fired several rounds through walls and floors at the team of officers. Police again backed out.

It was 17 hours into the standoff when police say the SWAT team’s “Bearcat” vehicle opened up the back of the home to get a better vantage point. They sent in another volley of gas.

An hour later is when Seacat was finally disarmed, surrendered and was arrested.

Oh, so he wasn’t really just a shoplifter? You don’t say!

As for the “irate homeowner” pictured above, the city is covering the damages:

The Greenwood Village city manager said they are in talks with the homeowner to pay for damages to the house. They are also working with the family who was renting the home to find temporary and permanent housing.

Additionally, the city says it is paying the deductible on insurance for neighbors whose homes and vehicles were also damaged during the standoff.

If you want to have a discussion on police tactics, fine, but these tweeters are minimizing the crime so that the police response better fits their narrative.