Salon has an idea on how to make Marvel’s X-Men comic franchise better — a black “Magneto”:

Nope — not The Onion. Salon:

The best fix for Magneto’s origin problem is to reboot him and Professor X into the heart of the Civil Rights Movement. Have them experience the heartbreak of the historic assassinations as young black men. This reboot would be true to the heart of the characters — X-Men began as a metaphor for segregation. In 1963, America couldn’t openly discuss race in comic form, so the conflict was encoded. “Negroes” became “mutants.” Professor X and Magneto are often interpreted as metaphors for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Having the characters openly admire the historical figures would give Professor X and Magneto the opportunity to argue about the nuances of the their mentors’ philosophies.


Personally, I’d have Professor X be a follower of Malcolm X, while Magneto hangs with Dr. Martin Luther King.

Of course, this might be a problem as Magneto is Jewish and survived Auschwitz:

And what’s with Salon making the bad guy black? Sounds racist to us:

Salon has already thought up what to do if Jews complain they’re losing Magneto — more Jewish plotlines:

This reboot would open up great new stories, and diversify the comics universe, but it comes with one big problem. Magneto is the most prominent Jewish character in comics. Erasing Jews and the Holocaust from Marvel would be a slap in the face to its founders, many of whom were Jewish. The answer is to make the many other Marvel Jewish characters interact with and respect their heritage and culture more openly. A-list characters like Kitty Pride, Iceman, and the Thing are all Jewish, but it rarely gets mentioned outside of special Christmas issues. There is also no reason that Magneto or Professor X can’t follow in the footsteps of prominent African-American Jews.

Salon in a nutshell: worst writers, comic books or otherwise, ever.