Now that the villainous-sounding Sepp Blatter has resigned as president of FIFA amid rumors that he’s next on the Obama Justice Department’s soccer corruption hit list, actor Harry Shearer has a solution for Blatter’s “mess” — pay off Obama’s Super PAC, like the banks did:


Shearer explained his tweet in this exchange with a reader who called him … gasp! … a Republican over it:

Sheesh. Shearer isn’t making Republican talking point — it’s a Sen. Elizabeth Warren talking point.

Warren is not happy that the S.E.C. is letting big banks avoid criminal prosecution while at the same time paying billions of dollars in fines for their bad behavior. From the New York Times:

The senator’s letter took an especially aggressive stance on the issue of the S.E.C. granting a regulatory waiver to Wall Street banks, which permit those institutions to continue to quickly raise capital in the markets even after pleading guilty to a securities crime. The issue of S.E.C. waivers for so-called “bad actors” has become a hotly debated topic in the wake of a number of big banks pleading guilty to felonies in the interest rate and foreign currency manipulation investigations. Kara Stein, an S.E.C. commissioner, has been an outspoken critic of the process and Ms. Warren’s letter echoed some of that criticism.

“These waivers apparently reflected the commission’s view that these banks deserved to continue to enjoy special privileges under the securities law despite the deep breaches of trust and evidence mismanagement displayed in these cases.”

The point Shearer is making is one we trust is shared by many liberals. Why has Obama’s DOJ done more to prosecute soccer shenanigans than those of Wall Street?



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