Sorry, liberals — it really is over this time.

The–Democracy for America created movement to “draft” Elizabeth Warren into the 2016 presidential race as a challenge to Hillary Clinton is no more:

From CNN:

To date, MoveOn and Democracy for America have spent a combined $1.25 million on the effort. They opened three offices — two in Iowa and one in New Hampshire — and hired a total of nine full-time staffers and five part-time organizers for the effort. They also bankrolled polling in Iowa and New Hampshire and held events across the country.

But don’t worry, libs … there is another (say it like Yoda) candidate on which to waste your money. It looks like former “Draft Elizabeth” staffers are catching Bernie-mentum! From the Boston Globe:

The man who headed the New Hampshire effort to draft US Senator Elizabeth Warren into the presidential race has apparently given up on that idea.

Last Wednesday, Kurt Ehrenberg, a 30-year veteran of Granite State politics, started as the top New Hampshire staffer to US Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Sanders officially entered the Democratic presidential race Tuesday with a campaign kickoff event from his home state of Vermont. Ehrenberg marks the first New Hampshire aide that the senator has hired for his campaign.



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