Crime in Baltimore continues to spike since the the death of Freddie Gray in April with a reported 43 murders in the month of May. And as this graphic from the Baltimore Sun shows, May 2015 is now the most deadly for the city since 1972:

But this doesn’t really tell you how bad things are right now.

Baltimore Sun columnist Dan Rodricks points out that the graphic above is just the raw numbers. When you look at how many people have fled Baltimore since the 70’s, the per-capita murder rate is even worse than in 1972:

Rodricks is correct. Baltimore’s estimated population for the year ending June 30, 2014 is 622,793 with 736,014 in 2000 and 905,759 in 1970.

This weekend’s violence didn’t stop celebrity prosecutor Marilyn Mosby from serving as guest ringmaster at the UniverSoul circus “to promote positive messages to youth.” How’s that working out?

She looks like she’s having fun. The people of Baltimore? Not so much.



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