Nope, not a joke!

Before Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby made a name for herself in front of the cameras announcing her intention to charge six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, she was just your average college student arguing a case in front of television’s Judge Judy.

The New York Daily News explains the lawsuit between Mosby and a neighbor who she accused of breaking into her apartment during summer break to hold a baby shower:

Mosby had left her four-bedroom Tuskegee apartment for three months during the summer break and returned in the fall to find her door broken down and the residence trashed, she recounted on the popular show.

Like a good lawyer, Mosby brought along photo evidence of the damage. The apartment was “filthy,” Mosby said of returning in August.

“It was total disrespect,” she told Judge Judy. “Basically, my apartment was a wreck.”

Johnson, the neighbor, told the court that someone had broken into the building and he had no idea what had happened.

But Johnson’s wife was pregnant and Mosby found “baby decorations” and other “evidence of a baby shower” inside her locked bedroom.

Judge Judy sided with Mosby and eventually awarded her $2000 to cover the damages. Video here:



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