Politico’s Bill Scher has a new piece out titled, “Fox News Eats Its Own,” with the not-so-startling revelation to anyone who has ever really watched Fox News that the network’s anchors are actually pretty tough on Republican candidates. Scher writes:

But what was a play to keep their candidates safe inside a conservative cocoon now looks like a trap. The first Republican presidential debate will air on Fox News and will be moderated by Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace—who happen to be the same three anchors that have provoked three Republican candidates into embarrassing gaffes this month. Turns out Fox News’ anchors can make Republican candidates look just as bad as MSNBC’s.

And to Bill Scher, this is an “oops” moment for the GOP:

No. No. No. It’s not a “trap” and it’s not “oops.”

It’s called journalism and conservatives like it:

And here’s a spoiler for GOP candidates. RedState’s Erick Erickson is going to be pretty tough, too:

Ron Fournier endorses Erick Erickson’s ‘brilliant’ no ‘Obama bashing’ format at this year’s RedState Gathering

Exit question: When will CNN and MSNBC live up to this high standard and challenge Dems the same way RedState and Fox News do with conservatives?




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