President Obama, quick to lecture everyone else about their carbon footprint, is off to Miami in his carbon-spewing 747 this afternoon for two fundraisers and a meeting at the National Hurricane Center where he’ll receive a briefing on the 2015 hurricane season:

But if he’s so concerned with excess carbon emissions, why not just read the briefing and, you know, not pollute the environment? Especially since the briefing he’s attending is going to say that the forecast is “below normal”:

Flashback to last year when President Obama warned that global warming would make hurricane season worse and warned against the very type of carbon pollution he’s emitting on his trip to Florida:

From The Hill:

Obama warns of ‘devastating’ hurricanes from climate change

President Obama warned Friday that storms like Hurricane Sandy will become more frequent as climate change intensifies.

While being briefed by emergency response officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters, Obama urged the public to prepare now for this year’s hurricane season.

“The changes we’re seeing in our climate means that, unfortunately, storms like Sandy could end up being more common and more devastating,” Obama said.

“And that’s why we’re also going to be doing more to deal with the dangers of carbon pollution that help to cause this climate change and global warming. And that’s why we’re also, with the terrific help of these departments, thinking of how we can build more resilient infrastructure,” he added.

But we know the reason he has to pollute our planet and be in Miami in person. Who would pay big bucks to hear the president Skype it in?

For comparison purposes, here’s how 44 stacks up against 43:

That’s a lot of excess carbon emissions.



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