Gun violence in Baltimore takes no holiday for the Memorial Day weekend:

From the article:

A pair of gray-and-white New Balance tennis shoes lay next to a pool of blood on a street in East Baltimore Sunday afternoon, remnants of a double shooting in the same block where a 21-year-old was shot in the shoulder Friday.

It was the first of two double shootings in the city Sunday.

Another two people were shot, one of them fatally, in separate incidents on Sunday among at least 18 shootings over Memorial Day weekend, during a particularly alarming spate of gun violence.

Thirty-three people have been killed so far in May, the first time the city has had 30 homicides in a month since June 2007. No month in the last 15 years has had more than 33 killings.

Flashback: Remember the “truce” between rival gangs during the Freddie Gray protests? Why’d it stop we wonder:

Kumbaya: #FreddieGray protest brings together Crips, Bloods and the Nation of Islam? [photos]

And last week the big issue was the media not calling the thug bikers in Waco, Texas “thugs.” Sadly, however, the language police are silent on what’s going on in Baltimore this weekend.

Stay safe, Baltimore.


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