Look like “Sarah P.” because it is. Check out this tweet from the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza:

Really, Washington Post???

This picture is actually from Palin’s participation in the 2011 Rolling Thunder charity motorcycle ride in Washington, D.C., and has absolutely nothing to do with the criminal elements involved with the shootout in Waco.

Here’s another pic from that same day:


Cillizza is taking some heat over it:

In Cillizza’s defense, however, it looks like he just hit the share button on the actual article at washintongpost.com and this is the auto-generated result. But the post is from The Fix blog and although he didn’t write it, he is @TheFix so he does bear some responsibility for the content, even though he says he doesn’t:

And the image they’re using is from this tweet, a satirical response to The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates, echoing Sunday’s theme that the MSM wasn’t doing enough to call these thug bikers “thugs”  or mention the race of the individuals involved in the shootout:

The Post included this winner from Twitchy regular John Fugelsang as well:

Except for Twitchy, they mean, because we were crystal clear in our reporting of what happened:

See how easy it is to appease liberals, yet still get no credit for it? Sheesh! And, as we reported on Sunday, as much as libs enjoyed their hashtag games decrying white-on-white crime, 40 people were shot in the progressive utopia of Chicago over the weekend:

#StopWhiteOnWhiteCrime? Let’s compare and contrast Waco to the 40 shot in Chicago ‘since Friday’

They weren’t very happy when this was pointed out to them, however:

It’s so confusing. If Chicago is worse than Waco, as Kohn tweeted, then why are we talking about Sarah Palin and white-on-white thug biker crime and not what’s going on in Chicago?



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#StopWhiteOnWhiteCrime? Let’s compare and contrast Waco to the 40 shot in Chicago ‘since Friday’