As we’ve reported, the death of nine thug bikers in Waco, Texas on Sunday has unleashed a flood of commentary from the left decrying the MSM’s failure to report on “white-on-white” crimes with the same zeal as they do “black-on-black” incidents like last month’s riots in Baltimore.

OK then. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in Baltimore right now, shall we?

Because there are literally so many shootings that it’s hard to keep track of the actual numbers getting reported by different Baltimore Sun reporters on Twitter. Shootings that you are not seeing reported in the national media:

And remember how everyone celebrated an alleged ceasefire among Baltimore’s street gangs during the Freddie Gray protests?

Yeah, about that. Why isn’t that “ceasefire” still in place?

And where are the reporters and elected officials?

Answer: They’re too busy reporting about outlaw bikers shooting at each other at a brestaurant in Waco, Texas to pay attention to Baltimore.



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