The New York Post is reporting today that the lawsuit filed by Dominique Sharpton, daughter of Al Sharpton, against New York City for a sprained ankle suffered in 2014 could be doomed thanks in large part to the photos she posted to her Instagram account that contradict her claim that the injury left her in “permanent physical pain”:

The photos kill even the slightest chance Dominique had of collecting big bucks from the city, legal experts said, even as the de Blasio administration has been shelling out more money than ever to settle lawsuits.

Hopefully so. The Post found a couple more photos of her hiking, these from about a month ago in Nevada:

Beautiful hiking moment with Haley! God's beautiful creation…

A photo posted by Dominique Sharpton (@mssharpton2u) on

Out here enjoying this mountain life!

A photo posted by Dominique Sharpton (@mssharpton2u) on


Now, time to drop that lawsuit.



Al Sharpton’s daughter is suing NYC over a sprained ankle, but that didn’t stop her from climbing a mountain in Bali