Yes, Sally Kohn has tweeted something like this many times before, but this one is more confusing than the others:

One, it’s like she’s forgetting on purpose that it was President Obama and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who called the rioters in Baltimore “thugs.” And two, as for her question on why the media is referring to the thug biker gangs who terrorized Waco, Texas earlier today as “biker gangs,” what alternative does she suggest?

Her readers weigh in:

Heh. Yeah, it’s a “compliment.”

But not to Sally. Honestly — what does she think “biker gang” means???

Straw man, slayed.

And we’ll end it with this:

She doesn’t, but we do. 40 have been shot in Chicago since Friday:

Over to you, Sally. Any comment on the thugs terrorizing Chicago?



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