Michael Brelo, a 31-year-old Cleveland police officer, is on trial for two counts of voluntary manslaughter over the shooting deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell in 2012.

Their deaths occurred after a high-speed car chase that involved a reported 60 police cars with 13 officers firing a total of 137 shots at the pair. Brelo, however, is the only officer charged criminally in the incident.

Brelo’s verdict is set to be read on Monday, May 18th and the city of Cleveland is preparing for trouble in case he’s acquitted:

Cleveland-area native and FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano weighed in on the potential for riots as well. From WKYC:

“The citizens of this great city and other cities have the right to protest. They have a right to vent. They have a right to speak their opinion but they don’t have a right to destroy the city and businesses. A lot of the changes in this country have come from good civil protests,” said Giuliano

64 officers were disciplined over the incident, resulting in the city adopting a new police chase policy.

And a cousin of one of the victims was recently acquitted of a threat against Brelo:

Tensions, to say the least, will be high come Monday. Stay safe, Cleveland.