In 2014, a Virginia man named Jeremiah Heaton flew to Africa and declared himself king of small section of allegedly unclaimed land on the border of Egypt and Sudan. Heaton did this, you see, because of his daughter who always wanted to be a princess:

Today, June 16, 2014, I planted this flag in the Eastern African region of Bir Tawil to honor a promise I made to my daughter.

Emily, like most little girls, has a dream to become a princess. While playing one day she stopped and posed a question, “Daddy, will I ever be a real princess?”. The only answer I could give my sweet little girl was “Yes, of course you will be a princess one day!”

As a father I do my very best to not make empty promises to my children. At the time I had no idea how I would honor her wish but I knew that I had to find a way.

After weeks of research I discovered Bir Tawil. This 795 sq mile trapezoid is a by product of a 113 year old border dispute between Egypt and Sudan. Amazingly, Bir Tawil is the very last piece of Earth unclaimed by any Nation or man.

Enter Disney who has decided to make this (incredibly stupid, cute, offensive … take your pick) story and make it into a movie.

In other words, Disney is making a movie about an African princess who is really a white girl from America:

Not only will Disney probably make it “cute,” but with catchy musical numbers, too!

Stephany Folsom, who is set to write the film, is defending the project over on her timeline:

Folsom’s defense, however, isn’t going over so well:

Prediction: This movie never gets made.