Last week we reported that the Organization for the Prohibition and Chemical Weapons had discovered evidence of sarin and VX nerve gas in Syria, suggesting that President Bashar al-Assad has been lying to the United States about the alleged end of its chemical weapons program.

And now Josh Rogin and Eli Lake of Bloomberg are reporting that President Obama was briefed on this finding “earlier this year,” but has still “not yet decided” what to do.


Not only that, but Rogin and Lake are reporting that the Obama administration knew Assad was lying from the beginning, but didn’t do anything about it:

From the piece:

A senior intelligence official told us that the U.S., working with the UN, the OPCW and other international partners, has intelligence indicating that more than 10 of Assad’s suspected chemical weapons sites had not been disclosed. But the U.S. didn’t always favor confronting Assad about them.

“We knew of sites that Assad didn’t declare,” this official said. “It’s a balancing act. You want to do something to get rid of it, but you also don’t want to show them all your cards.”

So it was strategy to let him keep his chemical weapons? Wow.

And this is the same administration that is now asking the American people to trust on Iran? No thanks: