Dear Mayor de Blasio:

When complaining about something that every other New Yorker has to deal with on a daily basis, DON’T accidentally add the New York Times to the sender list. Because then you’ll look foolish and everyone will laugh at you:


From the New York Times:

In a stern, bullet-pointed missive on Monday, the mayor described a star-crossed attempt at riding the subway to a speaking engagement in Midtown Manhattan. A train never came — and when the mayor resurfaced, his security vehicles were nowhere in sight.

“The detail drove away when we went into the subway rather than waiting to confirm we got on a train,” Mr. de Blasio wrote in the email, addressed to Deputy Inspector Howard Redmond, the head of his Police Department security detail. “We need a better system.”

And get this. The mayor wants his staffers to coordinate with the agency that runs NYC’s subways to make sure he won’t be inconvenienced in the future:

He urged his team to coordinate future travels with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, “or at least with nypd transit.”

“Let’s cross-check our info with them when I take the subway,” Mr. de Blasio wrote, before concluding: “This is a fixable prob.”

Gotta make sure his highness isn’t inconvenienced on his next mass-transit photo-op!