As we reported last week, Maryland State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby indicted six Baltimore police officers for their role in the death of Freddie Gray, stating at the time that the arrest of Gray wasn’t legal because the knife he was carrying wasn’t actually illegal:


Investigators from the Baltimore Police Department are pushing back on what Mosby declared at her news conference and are saying that the knife was illegal and in violation of a “Baltimore code”:

From the Baltimore Sun:

Meanwhile, a police investigation continues as Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby builds her case. The separate investigations by police and prosecutors have some conflicting findings.

While Mosby said Friday that the officers had made an illegal arrest because a knife Gray was carrying was not a “switchblade,” a violation of state law, the police task force studied the knife and determined it was “spring-assisted,” which does violate a Baltimore code.

So one of the major pillars of the case is being questioned, but it’s being reported in 19th paragraph of an article about a different incident in Baltimore? What other discrepancies are there?

And who is right?

But this isn’t the only issue to pop up. It seems that Mosby’s office listed the wrong people in the arrest documents, leading to embarrassing calls from the media:

From the Baltimore Sun:

When charges were announced Friday against Alicia White for the death of Freddie Gray, her phone started buzzing from journalists and bail bondsmen.

The problem was, they were calling the wrong Alicia White. The elementary school cafeteria manager from East Baltimore was not the Baltimore Police sergeant charged with manslaughter in the high-profile police custody death – even though court records listed her.


An attorney for Lt. Brian Rice said his client’s information was also entered incorrectly when prosecutors filed charges, but declined further comment.

On Friday evening, Tammy and Brian Rice of Brunswick, Md. said they were receiving multiple calls from reporters looking for the lieutenant. Brian Rice of Brunswick is a plumber, they said.

The Baltimore Sheriff’s Office, which assisted the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office in charging the officers, declined to comment and referred questions to prosecutors, who could not immediately be reached.

Amateur hour.



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