So, this didn’t go so well.

Yesterday former Baltimore Mayor and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley met with Freddie Gray protesters, with reports from the scene saying he was heckled during the visit over his past support of tough-on-crime policies:


O’Malley, a potential challenger to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, was touting his tough-on-crime credentials as recently as April 10 at a speech in Iowa.

From the Washington Post:

“(In 1999), Baltimore had become the most violent, the most addicted and the most abandoned city in america. The biggest enemy that we faced was not the drug dealers or crack cocaine. It was a lack of belief. … We started setting goals with deadlines and instead of simply setting goals with inputs, as government always does, we started measuring outputs. … When the people of Baltimore saw their government was working again, they rallied too. Together, we put into action that powerful belief, that in our city, there is no such thing as a spare American. That we’re all in this together. And over the next 10 years, Baltimore went on to achieve the biggest reduction in Part 1 crime in any major city in America.”

What a crazy election 2016 might turn into if a candidate’s success at reducing crime makes his less electable.


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