One thing we heard over and over again from the Baltimore’s police department is that those who were responsible for the riot that broke out during a protest over the death of Freddy Gray were “outside agitators” or from “out of town”:

But this, according to multiple reports out today, looks to be incorrect:

Although the Baltimore police department isn’t giving up on the “outside agitator” meme just yet. You see, for some reason, only local agitators were caught by cops. From the Baltimore Sun:

Despite police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts‘ insistence that a minority of out-of-town instigators caused the violence, online court records Sunday showed that only three of those arrested during Saturday’s protests were from outside Maryland.

“While the vast majority of arrests reflect local residency, the total number of arrests does not account for every incident of criminal activity,” police said. “The Baltimore Police Department believes that outside agitators continue to be the instigators behind acts of violence and destruction.”

Protect the narrative, at all costs!


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