Not only is the DNC going full-stupid and using .gifs to attack Republicans on the bogus #EqualPay issue, they’re using some of the highest paid women in the country to highlight the plight of the working woman.

Women with, by our estimate, a collective net worth of $331 million!

Check it out…

Nicki Minaj net worth $50 million:

Britney Spears net worth $130 million:

Amy Poehler $18 million, Tina Fey $45 million. (Seth Meyers $10 million — TOTALLY NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!)

Raven Symone net worth $55 million:

Mindy Kaling net worth $15 million:

Emma Stone net worth $18 million:

Maybe whoever is behind the DNC’s social media account — male or female — should only make 77 cents to the dollar as punishment for this silliness?



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