This tweet from Salon caught our eye. Are there really a number of GOP critics questioning Hillary Clinton’s estrogen levels?

Answer: Nope.

First up, the headline from the tweet that implies Hillary isn’t woman enough or some suffers from some other hormonal imbalance and the headline from the piece don’t match. Here’s the headline when you click through that link above:

GOP strategist on Hillary Clinton: “I don’t need her to drown me in estrogen every time she opens her mouth”

Ana Navarro says the candidate has been too excited about the possibility of being the first female president

And then in the body of the story, you find out that “right-wing critics” is really just one Republican consultant who didn’t say anything about “Hillary’s estrogen levels”:

Ahead of Hillary Clinton’s much-anticipated announcement of her 2016 presidential run on Sunday, Republican strategist Ana Navarro criticized the former secretary of state for focusing too much on her own gender, telling a CNN panel Clinton “lacks subtlety” on her potential for being the first female president.

“I don’t need her to drown me in estrogen every time she opens her mouth,” Navarro said. “Every time she opens her mouth, it’s about the granddaughter, and Chelsea’s wedding and the yoga routines.”

“Hillary Clinton needs to stop being focus-grouped to death,” she added, “and be Hillary Clinton.”

But the damage has already been done with Salon readers now on board with a fictitious attack that “right-wing critics” are actually saying something they’re not:

Salon owes Ms. Navarro an apology.


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