Vox has a new video out that looks to explain how Common Core math really works and why it’s a better way to teach the subject, but it’s not so convincing. You see, according to Vox, math is like baking a cake and Common Core math is designed to teach kids that there’s more to math than following a recipe. Or, at least, we think that’s what Vox is trying to explain.

Check it out:

But probably the best part of the video is the end with the narrator admits there are “bumps in the road” due to “parents not understanding it,” “a bad lesson plan,” “a bad textbook” or a “confused teacher.”

In other words, EVERYTHING is a problem.

One thing Vox does explain in the video is that students still have to learn the old way to do math (as shown below), but the idea behind Common Core is that the kids will now understand why they’re doing what they’re doing with the old math. Or something:

But we’ll end it on this:

And years later, parents are still confused. Maybe it’s time to stop blaming parents and start asking if Common Core is accomplishing anything it has promised?



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