The National Rifle Association’s annual meeting kicks off today in Nashville, Tenn. and the editors of the New York Times think they’ve exposed some major hypocrisy with the gun-rights group.

According to the Times, “not one of [the attendees] will be allowed to come armed with guns that can actually shoot.” Here’s the screenshot of the opener:


Except that paragraph above is lie. All of it:

And here’s why the Times is lying, via Bearing Arms which had already debunked this particular bit of false information:

The National Rifle Association holds an annual meeting every year in a different host city, and requires that attendees follow the federal, state, and local laws applicable in that city, like every major convention of every significant national group, ever.

This year in Tennessee, that means that attendees can indeed carry firearms in the Music City Center with the proper license in accordance with Tennessee law. Bridgestone Arena prohibits the possession of firearms, and always has. Attendees to the concerts held there are not allowed to carry weapons according to these pre-existing laws. Is it really news that the NRA asks members to follow laws?

The only guns to have their firing pins removed are the display guns put up by the vendors, not the self-defense weapons of attendees. It is a common safety practice at every sporting goods show or convention for firing pins to be absent from weapon displays being handled by thousands of people.

Looks like somebody is going to need to issue a retraction:

As of the publishing of the post, however, the Times has yet to take any corrective action.


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