If Barry says Iris has 30 apples but Pauly F. say Iris has only 18 apples, is Barry correct?

Well, if we’re talking about President Obama estimating that Iran has a $30 billion defense budget while PolitiFact finds that Iran — at most — has only an $18 billion defense budget, then yes. The president is “mostly true” in what he says:

From their conclusion:

Obama said that “Iran’s defense budget is $30 billion. Our defense budget is closer to $600 billion.” The highest estimate we found for Iran’s total defense spending was $18 billion. That is significantly less than Obama said, although if anything, it supports his argument more than the number he used.

Obama gave himself some wiggle room on American defense spending. It is actually a bit higher than $600 billion but his phrasing is pretty close.

With the caveat that Obama overstated Iran’s military spending, we rate the claim Mostly True.

In other words, the president was totally wrong with his data, but accurate.

Also of note, just because PolitiFact believes what Obama says about the size of our military as a deterrent to Iran, doesn’t make it true:


Our ruling? PoltiFact is now “Mostly Irrelevant.”


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