Political correctness strikes The United States Military Academy at West Point?

From Sports Illustrated:

The Army athletic program will introduce a new brand and identity system next week, the school announced.

According to the school, the change has been in the works for the past 18 months. During the reveal, which will happen on Monday, the 28 athletic programs will showcase a new logo, lettering and numerals on uniforms.

The school did not comment on a possible nickname change, but the Times Herald-Record’s Sal Interdonato reports that the teams will drop the Black Knights nickname in favor of “Cadets.”

Although the nickname “Black Knights” has only been official since 1999 with Army’s sports teams before that known as the “Cadets.”

But, more importantly — why the heck does West Point need Nike’s help with branding?

From West Point:

Army Athletics, in partnership with Nike, will introduce a new brand and identity system that will include new logos, lettering and numerals showcased by all 28 athletic programs on Monday, April 13.

With the goal of developing an innovative and consistent athletic identity that pays tribute to the Academy’s legacy and tradition,Army Athletics, U.S. Army and Academy leadership, Nike, current and former cadet-athletes, coaches, historians and West Point graduates, collaborated on a nearly 18-month brand evolution program.

Fans wishing to view the official unveiling of Army’s new visual identity will have the opportunity to do so via an online video stream that will be offered free of charge at goARMYsports.com beginning at 8 p.m. on April 13. Participants in the stream will have the first opportunity to view Army’s new uniform designs and learn intimate details about the creative process that was utilized by Nike and Army’s athletic department.

Much of the inspiration for the effort came from the very famous quote by Gen. Douglas McArthur, “Reach into the future, yet never forget the past.” Since its founding in 1802, West Point has produced soldier-scholars and leaders of character for America. The best education in the nation hones the intellect, while challenging physical and military training creates the warrior. The new athletics brand perfectly portrays the soldier-scholar ideal.