Yes, it does seem that on some days Sally Kohn is intentionally trolling us. Like today.

We posted earlier this morning how she endorsed a tweet by a 9/11 truther saying that all shootings by police officers were “murders,” which was bad enough for one day. But then she followed that up with this steaming pile of you know what:

One, this is a stupid comparison. But more importantly, who the heck is saying this??? If anything, there has been an outpouring of disgust from popular conservatives on Twitter who condemned the shooting of Walter Scott and cheered the arrest of the officer involved:

But if this “libel” wasn’t enough for Kohn, it actually got worse when she gave examples of what she considered as proof of her point:

Actor and Twitchy favorite Nick Searcy blamed the victim? Hardly. Here’s what Nick wrote:

Sorry, Sally — your interpretation of what Nick said was totally wrong:

She did later admit she misinterpreted Nick’s tweet.

She went on to give another example of a well-followed conservative who she said blamed the victim, but it was just as wrong as her one from Nick Searcy:

Does this quick glance include reading the tweets? Because the one from @AG_conservative — 20,000+ followers — clearly says the shooting of Walter Scott is not justified:

But maybe “dishonest” is all she’s got left?

And SHE’S STILL DIGGING. Here are her latest tweets:

Unbelievable, yet somewhat expected.

We’ll end it on this which is probably as clear an explanation of what conservatives want that you’ll see:




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