Hillary Clinton tweeted her support yesterday for the #FreeBeijing20Five, a group of five women’s rights activists currently under arrest in China for provoking “social instability.”

From the New York Times:

The young Chinese feminists shaved their heads to protest inequality in higher education and stormed men’s restrooms to highlight the indignities women face in their prolonged waits at public toilets.

To publicize domestic violence, two prominent activists, Li Tingting and Wei Tingting, put on white wedding gowns, splashed them with red paint and marched through one of the capital’s most popular tourist districts chanting, “Yes to love, no to violence.”

Media-savvy, fearless and well-connected to feminists outside China, the young activists over the last three years have taken their righteous indignation to the streets, pioneering a brand of guerrilla theater familiar in the West but largely unheard-of in this authoritarian nation.

Now five of them — core members of China’s new feminist movement — sit in jail, accused of provoking social instability.

China has since fired back at Clinton for daring challenge these arrests:

And now that Hillary Clinton has so publicly made an issue of the #FreeBeijing20Five, shouldn’t Apple CEO Tim Cook have the guts to do so, too?

Cook was extremely vocal and lashed out at Indiana’s new RFRA law in this Washington Post op-ed:

Cook wrote about these RFRA laws:

They go against the very principles our nation was founded on, and they have the potential to undo decades of progress toward greater equality.

Now let’s see if Cook steps up and dares challenge the nation that builds his iPhones with the same intensity as he did Indiana.

We’re waiting.


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