The University of Virginia’s student paper, The Cavalier Daily, has pulled two satirical April Fools’ Day articles from its website and apologized to its readers for daring to use the arrest of black UVA student Martese Johnson and civil rights icon Rosa Parks for humorous purposes:

But if joking about racial issues is now somehow out-of-bounds on April Fools’ Day, why can the paper joke about Asians but not blacks? Here’s another of their satirical pieces from today that says waiting in line to buy dumplings from a food truck is the equivalent of taking a course in a “non-western culture”:

You see, eating dumplings and standing in line is soooo Asian! An excerpt:

Fourth-year East Asian Studies major Robby Koch said he felt the change was justified.

“I’ve actually studied abroad in Shanghai and Beijing, but the line of shuffling first years outside the dumpling truck feels like a more authentic Asian experience than my experience in Asia,” Koch said. “It really gives you a feel for the population density problems they suffer from and also the constant references to counterfeit currency — plus dollars — prepare students for the counterfeit goods they will inevitably be sold if they venture across the world.”

The course will be called “Bridging Cultures through Fatty, Salty, Delectable Dumplings” and will be cross-listed as EALC 1600 and DUMP 1010. There will be no cap on student enrollment.

If the first two articles aren’t acceptable — at least according to the students running the paper — then neither is this one on Asians, no?