Remember former Ebola czar Ronald Klain? Now that he’s done kicking “absolute ass” fighting diseases, what’s next?

Apparently, it’s writing op-eds bemoaning the heavy-hand of the federal government and the affect that regulations have on startup companies:

And even better: Klain warns that the Obama administration’s “desire to flex its regulatory muscles” over the next two years should particularly worry venture capitalists and their job-creating investments (emphasis ours):

For the past few years, the most visible friction between startups and regulatory agencies has been on the local level. Venture capital “unicorns” like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb have been battling municipal regulators and officials as they transform travel, transportation and other industries largely in the purview of local government. But this regulatory “fault line” is about to move. The most visible conflicts between startups and the government in the next two years will be in the nation’s capital, not in city halls or state houses.

Recent developments in Washington, especially the Obama administration’s greater desire to flex its regulatory muscles in several key areas, mean that some booming startups will have to navigate new governmental hurdles in Washington, D.C….

Maybe President Obama needs a government regulation czar next?



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