Remember the 2008 ban on new fast food restaurants in Los Angeles that was supposed to herald in an era of healthy eating and lower obesity rates?

Well there’s finally some information on what the ban didn’t accomplish, via Vox:

Now, four years of data shows those restrictions have not lowered obesity rates or changed the neighborhoods’ eating habits, a new study from researchers at RAND finds.

Somewhat surprisingly, obesity rates actually grew faster in the areas with the fast-food restriction.

Surprise? Maybe for libs, but not for conservatives who knew that this type of meddling by the government wouldn’t work:

So, what went wrong?

Apparently they didn’t ban enough establishments:

From Vox:

The researchers say that in large part, the problem with the ordinance is that it didn’t target the right types of restaurants. The zoning regulation only applied to standalone restaurants, which the researchers argue left out many places dishing out unhealthy food, like convenience stores that sell chips and candy.

Watch out 7-11 — you’re next!


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