Snapchat, the disappearing messaging app best known for its ability to let users send nude pics to each other that delete after viewing, has teamed up with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton to promote the “” initiative for International Women’s Day. No, seriously … we’re not joking:

Here’s what you see when you click on the message. First up, a short video from Hillary:

And there are some cutesy pages in the message, like this one promoting the debunked claim on how much women make with respect to men:



Bonus: this gives us a chance to remind everyone that Hillary has her own problem with paying women less than men:

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There’s even a weird pic of Chelsea holding a plant in front of her face, which relates to the empty-head avatars Hillary and Chelsea are sporting on their Twitter accounts:


As for reactions from around Twitter…

And if this reception isn’t bad enough, how about the tone-deafness of it all that just encourages more Bill Clinton-infidelity jokes?




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