Hugh Hewitt is 100% correct here:

But would she answer any questions if this happened?

Probably not, but Hewitt specifically wants to hear her say she’ll appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary’s “egregious” violations:

Attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch is qualified to serve as the top law enforcement official in the United States, and she should easily accumulate the votes needed to enter into her job — unless she is unwilling to answer questions about her opinion on how to proceed via-a-vis former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s “homebrew” server and the who knows how many emails which originated or were received on that server in the past six years.

If the Senate returns the nomination of Lynch to the Judiciary Committee for an additional hearing on these questions, all senators of both parties should press the would-be AG for an iron clad commitment to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate thoroughly the circumstances of the former secretary of state’s egregious breach of law, regulation and internal State Department policies and procedures.

Dems, of course, won’t be happy with any additional delays:

Stay tuned.


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