Sharyl Attkisson has a new piece out for The Daily Signal where she chronicles the epidemic of public officials who are using private email accounts “in likely violation of the Federal Records Act,” but it’s toward the end where things get interesting. Why is Eric Holder’s email address redacted?

As to whether Holder himself ever used personal email for government business, the Justice Department isn’t saying. A spokesman did not respond to requests for information about Holder’s email practices.

In Justice Department emails turned over in a federal Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, Holder’s email name is redacted with no explanation. It’s unknown whether the redactions conceal use of an email address that does not belong to an official government account.


Fast and Furious-related emails between Holder and his wife Sharon Malone, and his mother, are currently being withheld under executive privilege invoked by President Obama.

Oh boy.

And like the post we wrote on Hugh Hewitt a little earlier tonight, this really is the next step:

But will Loretta Lynch appoint a special prosecutor that might investigate the previous AG? Yeah — that won’t happen.



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